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Professional plumbing services in Worcestershire

Showers and bathrooms

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Central heating

Are you having issues with any of your plumbing throughout your property? Whether it is a minor issue such as a leaking tap, or whether it is something more urgent such as a burst pipe, D.J. Hemming Heating & Plumbing provides all your plumbing needs and requirements at competitive, affordable prices.

We have over 15 years' industry experience, and all our staff are trained with all the necessary tools and equipment to ensure that all jobs are completed as safely and efficiently as possible. To arrange our plumbing services, call today.

In addition to regular household plumbing, we also provide all the necessary plumbing and pipe work for shower and bathroom appliances, as well as bathroom under-floor heating.

•  Over 15 years' experience

•  Friendly, professional staff

•  Competitive, affordable prices

•  Provide free quotations for all of our services

•  Cater for all manner of plumbing problems

If you're having any problems with your central heating, D.J. Hemming Heating & Plumbing are on hand to help. Check out our heating services page here, or call today.

For professional, reliable and affordable plumbing services throughout Worcestershire and surrounding areas,

call D.J. Hemming Heating & Plumbing today: 07976 222 052, 01905 778 738